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Wind Tracker Windsock Questions & AnswersWind Tracker Windsock Frequently Asked Questions


FAQHow do I select the right Wind Tracker Windsock System?

If you are mounting directly into the ground, or for portable use, choose the Wind Tracker 621 (Item# windtracker621). This system works for any of those applications.

Atop structures, side of buildings, or vehicles use the Wind Tracker 416Pro (Item# windtracker416).

If you have your own existing pole use the Wind Tracker 134 (item# windtracker134).

FAQWe have existing poles, can we use them?

Yes you can. Choose the Wind Tracker 134 (Item# windtracker134). There is nothing else to buy the complete unit attaches to your pole in a few minutes.

FAQWhat color windsocks should we use?

We have two standard OSHA compliant color schemes. Our “Alert Orange” is widely used in most applications. Safety black and yellow is another choice along with our solid yellow. We also have custom colors and you can have us design one for your company complete with logo, and text.

FAQHow many should we use at our location?

For use by personnel on site the key factors are line of sight, and the primary location of a possible incident in relationship to the designated areas of reasonable safety. In other words, “Where did it happen, where am I going to go, and can I see the wind on the way’. One unit should be visible by workers when using an exit. The Wind Tracker can be seen up to 1/4 mile away but obstructions along the evacuation route may necessitate the need for one or more additional units.

For inbound traffic such as helicopters, and first responders one or two elevated units may be all that is required. They should be visible from the air taking into consideration the approach lanes, and the elevation of the inbound traffic.

FAQDo you make custom windsocks?

Yes, just call us toll free 800-707-3524 Ext: 107, and we will happy to help you with a free rapid quote. It is as simple at that.

FAQDoes your company accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from qualified accounts. Please call us for more information at 800-707-3524. You can fax our order form, and we will call you for a confirmation before processing your order.

FAQDo you have a catalog?

Yes, go the main menu and under the “Resources” tab select Catalog.  This will download it in a standard PDF format, and you can print or review it at your convenience. Our online catalog is updated on a regular basis so you know you are always up to date on new products, and special pricing.

FAQHow do we attach the Wind Tracker Windsock to the pole?

Every Wind Tracker comes assembled and ready for display. Simply place harness onto the Windsock pole, and turn the set screw to fix the position. That is all there is to it.

FAQCan the Wind Tracker Windsock be used on site, and for portable use?

Yes, by using simply telescoping the Wind Tracker™ 621 Pro to its’ closed position, removing it from the ground tube, and relocate it to your desired location.

FAQCan it be mounted on a roof?

Yes, the Wind Tracker™ 416Pro will mount to structures, and when retracted it is only 59″ high. This eliminates the need to reach overhead to replace the sock making it safer for personal working above ground. We have the mounts for all of our fiberglass telescoping windsock poles.

FAQIs the Wind Tracker™ used for Heliports?

Yes, and helicopter pilots confirm that it is more visible, and detects the wind movement better than the old style windsock. The Wind Tracker Windsock System can even show wind shears, and erratic wind gusts.

FAQHow does the Wind Tracker fit into the ground?

The Wind Tracker™ 621 Pro pole has a 2″ outside diameter for in ground installation. A standard 2″ PVC pipe can be used to install into the ground. Place the PVC tube into a prepared hole backfill around the tube with ready mix sack cement. When the cement starts to thicken, carefully place the closed pole into the tube and plumb. After the cement hardens, slide the Wind Tracker unit into the ground tube and raise the sections to the desired height. How deep you place the tube depends on your soil type.

FAQDo you have information sheets that can be downloaded?

We are currently producing product sheets in a new PDF format for easy download. During this time please contact us at 800-707-3524 or use the contact form, and we will provide them to you.

FAQIs the Wind Tracker Windsock System guaranteed?

Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance, you can return it for a full refund.

FAQWhy is your Wind Tracker Windsock System safer than the old style windsocks?

The old tube type windsock was developed for small aircraft and cannot accurately detect air movement less than 8 to 12 miles per hour. This is absolutely critical in the event of an airborne material movement outside of its’ containment, and off, and or away from the target area. The ordinary windsock has both ends open with one being smaller than the other. A volume of air entering into the larger end is restricted at the other end as it exits the “sock”. It takes a sufficient volume of air to “fill” the windsock, and this volume necessitates the wind speed to be greater than 5 to 8 miles per hour depending on the size, material weight, and construction of each windsock. In addition, the sock once filled with air cannot show the speed of the air movement, and cannot detect erratic wind because the filled sock resists a wind force from the outside of the filled sock.

FAQWill it ship UPS and Fed Ex?

Yes, all of our units will ship UPS or Fed Ex.

FAQCan we expedite shipping?

Yes, please call for rates and schedules.

FAQHow long will the windsock last?

This question can best be answered by asking some additional questions. Where will the system be positioned, what is the exposure, etc? Every material will eventually wear out or fade out. We expect ours to last as long as or longer than other materials. We also use the strongest construction with a two needle fly hem, and Gortex Tenara thread for extra strength. We also recognize that some customers may have varying conditions at their location which will affect the longevity of the flag. Some of those may be operational in nature, weather related, or a combination of factors. If you do experience a situation like this we will replace the flag at no charge, and work with you to develop a maintenance/replacement program to help defray costs in the future.

FAQWhen will it ship?

Most orders ship the same day or next business day. Please contact us if we can help you by adjusting our shipping to meet your requirements. Are your windsocks made in the USA? Yes, we proudly make our Wind Tracker Windsock in the USA.

FAQAre your windsocks made in the USA?

Yes, we proudly make our Wind Tracker™ Windsock in the USA.

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